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Cleveland Waterproofing is centrally located in the industrial area of Tremont. Having grown from a small family business, Cleveland Water-proofing commands the respect of some of the largest industrial companies requiring water proofing expertise on a grand scale to the first time homeowners who discover that the snow melt of winter brought unwanted water into their home. We have the equipment, manpower and expertise to respond quickly and appropriately to a small residence or a large commercial complex.

Cleveland Waterproofing possesses the latest technology together with years of experience in operating diagnostic cameras in order to pinpoint the specific areas that require excavation. Complementing the technology is a fleet of meticulously maintained equipment to respond to customer needs.



Waterproofing is often an invasive process that can be disruptive to lawn, landscaping and patios. We at Cleveland Waterproofing complement our equipment with small-scale excavators in order to minimize damage or disruption to areas surrounding a work zone.


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Waterproofing Companies Cleveland